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Executive Steps LLC was founded by Deborah Burgesser in 2009.

Deborah has 25 years of direct business experience in finance and technology.  Deborah graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Creighton University and a Masters in Business Administration from Regis University.  Deborah has worked in executive positions in small, midsize, and large business working to facilitate critical change in organizations by utilizing technology and streamlining processes.  

Deborah advanced very quickly in her career as a finance leader.  However, Deborah's passion has always been about technology and the ability to use technology to minimize costs and maximize results and provide measurable reporting to support key decision makers.

Since 2009, Deborah began consulting and utilizing specific software solutions to assist businesses with sales automation, marketing automation, customer service automation, and finance/accounting automation.

Deborah has a unique ability to engage in productive discovery dialog within all levels of an organization, understanding business processes and products to facilitate delivery of an optimal business system.

 We are excited to assist your organization in your desire to improve your business systems.

We look forward to becoming a part of your team to ENGAGE, COMMIT, and ACHIEVE results for your organization.  

Deborah Burgesser - Owner/Founder

Deborah Burgesser - Owner/Founder

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